Monday, February 2, 2009


Mawmaw Jane and Jonas.
Thank you Pawpaw Tom for my new guitar!!! It's sooo cool!
Jonas with his new Squier Mini Fender Guitar.
Jonas watching Pawpaw Tom get his new guitar out of the packaging.
Jonas and his new guitar case.
Jonas got an early birthday present from Pawpaw Tom and Mawmaw Jane. He has been asking to learn how to play guitar, so Pawpaw Tom found a mini Fender just his size. Jonas was so excited. He has already had lessons from Uncle Sticke, daddy, and Uncle Luke. He will be an awesome guitarist real soon. You can see his first debut below.

Spending time with Uncle Sticke & Auntie Lyn

Jonas and Josie...or Army Boy and GI Jane :0)
Josie giving Auntie Lyn some love and talking about Baby Jack. Jonas hanging out with his Uncle Sticke
I love my Auntie Lyn!!
Uncle Sticke and Auntie Lyn stayed with us at Powers Mountain a couple nights since they still didn't have any power from the storm. They also brought Charlie and Piper, their two cutie kittys! The kids loved running after Charlie and playing with him. I don't blame Piper at all for hiding out in the bedroom the entire time. We really enjoyed their company. The kids miss them now that they aren't here! They keep saying they wished Auntie Lyn and Uncle Sticke could live with us.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Storm 2009

Aww...snow on Powers Mountain.
Daddy and his baby girl out in her first snow storm!
That face...what else can I say?
Daddy throwing a snowball at mommy, but I'm inside! Ha ha!! What do you think you are going to do with that giant snowball, son? The fun of sledding down Powers Mountain.
My sweet family in the BIG snow!
The winter storm left us without power so we had nothing better to do (even though we would have have anyway) than get out in the beautiful white fluffy snow and have a lot of fun. Well, that would be Sam, Jonas, and Josie anyway! Mommy got out for a little bit, but she just doesn't enjoy being cold and wet! Funny how when mommy was out, Josie just cried and wanted to go in! As soon as I went in, she no more worried about anything and just focused on eating icicles and watching daddy and bubby zoom down the hill on a wake board and a snow sled. Too much fun! We were without power for 48 hours, but that made us realize we are so blessed to have the things we do! And, it gave us some good family bonding time. No TV, no video games, no PHONES!! Just some good ol' fashion "Little House on the Prairie" time!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pawpaw Orvil's 85th Birthday Party

I love this picture!!
Grandpa with his girls and his boy! Grandma and Grandpa still in love after 65 years of marriage!
Jonas with his Poppy.
Aww...daddy and his baby girl.
Uncle Frank and Aunt Angie.
Aunt Angie and Cousin K.K.
We celebrated Grandpa Orvil's 85th birthday. Grandpa enjoyed having the family over, especially the kids. He loves to play and pick at them. Grandma says they are what keeps Grandpa young at heart and motivated. We love you Grandpa!!!! Happy 85th birthday.

Dinner with the Glotzbachs

Jonas and Griffin playing Nintendo DS Lite.
Jonas riding wild man Griffin with a coonskin hat! Pawpaw Tom joining in on the jam session.
Angie, Gorby, and Sam jammin'!
Aww...look at those cute kids watching a movie together.
The Glotzbachs came over to Powers Mountain for dinner. The kids played and watched movies while Sam, Angie, and Gorby worked on some tunes. Later that evening, Mawmaw Jane and Pawpaw Tom came to stay the night! So they thought anyway...bedtime wasn't until 2:00 AM the next day after good storytelling and music! Griffin stayed the night with us and played with Jonas and Josie the next day. They all had a ball, including Pawpaw Tom!!

Aunt Sissy watching the kids at Powers Mountain

The kids anxiously awaiting Chef Liz's special french toast.
Chef Liz whipping up a batch of french toast after a wild night. Jonas made the hat!
The precious angels sleeping in a homemade tent set up by Aunt Sissy. This is what Sam and I walked in to after a late night being out!
Liz came over and watched the kids and brought Felix so I could go to one of Sam's gigs. We got in late and walked in to a crazy and bizarre rearrangement to the living room. The couch was moved and turned on it's side with tons of blankets and sheets making an over-sized tent. And yes, they were all fast asleep. Aunt Sissy wore them out, of course. The next morning, Chef Liz made the kids french toast and then she took Jonas and Felix to the waterfall and cave out through the woods of Powers Mountain. They had a ball. Thanks, Aunt Sissy...we love you!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jonas and the Guitar

Well, the time has come! Another Powers boy is starting to show his musical talents. Jonas has been showing signs of interest in singing and playing the guitar. He finally told his daddy he wanted to learn to play. We were going to get him a nice guitar for Christmas, then Grandpa Orvil decided to give him his old guitar he bought used about 70 years ago. It needs some work, but it is such a sight to see him playing around with a guitar my grandpa (Jonas' great grandpa) played around with over 70 years ago and held on to it. Sam plans to find out what brand it is and get it all fixed up. Please enjoy the videos below!